Farhana Satu is a freelance documentary photographer from Bangladesh. She was born in Born in 26th December 1991 at Bagherhat but was raised in Dhaka and is currently based in Dhaka. After completing her LLB from University of London in 2015, she decided to pursue her carrier in photography and got admitted in the Diploma program of professional photography atu00a0u00a0 Pathshala South u00a0Asian Media Institute, where she is currently completing her final Semester.
Farhana can simply be defined as a story-teller, and she is fascinated by the often minute and significant activities that occur around us every day and the stark implications they carry on our lives currently and eventually in the long run, investigating it on both its political or personal aspects. Her work focuses to bring these stories to light which might have been ignored or taken for granted by the casual observer, and she choose the medium of photography to tell her stories as it is a strong tool for the issues and topics she wants to work on and creates the opportunity to understand her subjects more humanely.