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Eco Feminista

Ecofeminist analysis explores the connections between women and nature in culture, religion, literature and iconography, and addresses the parallels between the oppression of nature and the oppression of women. These parallels include but are not limited to seeing women and nature as property, seeing men as the curators of culture and women as the curators of nature, and how men dominate women and humans dominate nature. Ecofeminism emphasizes that both women and nature must be respected. Ecofeminist theory asserts that capitalism reflects only paternalistic and patriarchal values. This notion implies that the effects of capitalism have not benefited women and has led to a harmful split between nature and culture. Such as women are having more miscarriages than before because of climate crisis caused by deforestations. One the other hand if we look back to history, we can see that we started losing matriarchal family customs only after we started having domestic animals. Because women stopped going for hunting and harvesting and start raising children by staying home.

In my photo story I tried to portray the relationship between nature and women by taking photos of women body and of nature. For doing this I took references of religious mythology and took photos of those elements of nature where it shows that, there is a strong connection between the body of a women and elements of nature, it’s more likely the same thing in different form and if we interrupt the harmony of them then the whole system of the society may collapse. I named my story based on a Spanish feminist group who works to make people aware about ecofeminist theory.

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