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Hello, this is Farhana Satu. (@aronnika), Recently completed 3 years professional program from Pathshahla South Asian Media Institute and currently studying at Danish school of Media and Journalism. Next few days, I will be sharing my recent works that I did during the lockdown period, from Aarhus, Denmark.

I can hear the singing of birds

I can sense the smell of the green grass, white unknown flowers on the ground, shining.I touch them with my hands and feet. In return, they also tickled and touched.Little ants are playing and running. Spring is coming soon.

I hear singing of birds but I miss human voice. Cold wind clasps me, I don’t recall the warmth of embrace. Everything seems perfect around me- nature, sun, air, soil and so one… Except there is no human presence.

In the end of March, I became very sick and had covid19. In the period of my sickness, I have felt many times that I am dying. I fought back every time but there was something which affected me even more. My loneliness. I can guess how each and every COVID-19 patient feels like when they had to get separated from everyone and stay alone in sickness. 

After two weeks eventually I started feeling better and after one month I recovered fully.

In this photo series some of the photos I took when I was sick and some I took later.

Photo Gallery Photo Gallery