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Hello, this is Farhana Satu. (@aronnika), Recently completed 3 years professional program from Pathshahla South Asian Media Institute and currently studying at Danish school of Media and Journalism. Next few days, I will be sharing my recent works that I did during the lockdown period, from Aarhus, Denmark.


Taking oxygen in and carbon out is a constant job that our body is functioning. Since it’s a very normal process and we hardly notice that we are breathing every moment. Not necessarily needed such hardship to feel and realize own breath which had to when I was suffering from Covid-19.

It felt likeall the cells of my body is screaming “air…… air….. air”The white curtain of my window is blowing, the hanging light shade of my roof is flickering, the door of my balcony is trembling….all of this are very prominent sign of air! I knew that it’s here, but I was not able to inhale it inside of me anymore.

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