Leukemia Fighters

The concept of the project spurred from a rather simple question. I had asked the children suffering from acute leukemia what they wanted to be if they had magic powers. They readily uttered the attributes of their fantasies. Although the characters were fictional, the children believed in their functionalities. 

The disease that they are suffering from (acute lymphoblastic leukemia) is medically curable; however, the cost is not a viable option for the parents. Almost all the children are aware of their fate but they remain hopeful. Their aspirations inspired me to bring the project to life.

Their desires had a purpose, like Rupok wanted to grow wings to fly away to a place where his sufferings would cease. The children poured their heart out to me and told me what they wanted to be. Their wish was my command. The entire process of collecting the costumes was an emotional journey for me. By the time I could wrap up the project, some of these precious souls metamorphosed. I believe they are now who they wanted to be. Their photographs shall remain as a testament.

Leukemia Fighters

My story is about those children whose are affected by acute lymphoblastic leukemia (A.L.L) (A type ofblood cancer)but could not able to do their proper treatment because of financial issues or havingtreatment but in a very poor condition. This disease is 100% curable but in our country most of theaffected child die because of their families cannot provide their proper treatment which is veryexpensive and lengthy.My story began when I first visit one A.L.L affected child with his family and I talked with them in ahospital and they were leaving the hospital because they did not have money anymore to continue thetreatment. They already sold their all village land and even all domestic animals and now they do nothave anything. So they leave. Then I started to research about this disease and affected children and Iwent hospital to hospital and others organizations which are working for this type of disease and startedto collect their records, documents and others information about A.L.L. affected children’s. I also wenttheir home to visit them and sometimes I got information about others A.L.L affected children’s fromthem and I recognized that there are so many children’s more in our country that every day they arestruggling to survive from this disease and they are becoming fail for only because of money. Somechildren even do not have their father and mother both or only father or mother. Then I first thought todo a documentary project about them.Whenever I went to visit this children I always talked to them , play with them and I ask so manyquestions to them, there were two common questions among my all questions which is ‘what do youwant to be and who is your fantasy character’. Most of them makes me surprised with their answersand then I decided to make their portraits by staged them in an appearance of their fantasy character orwhat they want to be. They are full of opportunities , dream and love.

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