Being an Asian and a person who born and brought up in the surroundings of forest, the notion of “Museum of trees” is very new and surprising for me. When I entered inside the Aarhus Botanic Museum, Denmark I saw a volunteer is introducing some Asian plants to the visitors. My first question was to him, why we need a museum for trees? The answer was, “Now a days because of the modernization and civilization we are getting far away from nature. Now we don’t have enough time and opportunity to learn and explore about this naturally. Children’s of this days are rarely knowing the name of the very common trees around us. people even do not have the idea of how banana plant look like or from which trees and how their kitchen spices are coming. How the vanilla plant looks like. How the eco system works and how they survive. Every day We are getting far away from nature and we are losing the connection between human and nature. Here we are trying to introduce nature with human. We are trying to make people remember about the relationship between them that they used to share.

We are forgetting about the relationship that we share with nature and without this it won’t be possible to survive in this planet. Every day we are cutting trees and forgetting to plant them again, deforestation is happening in a massive way all over the world and climate change is the result. We are doing deforestation for the sake of industrialization and modernization but if we keep continuing destructing nature one day there will be trees only in the museum.

The idea of this museum is to introduce tress to the people to makes you remember the connection that you are perceiving with nature. It is high time to make us remember about this specially when destroying forest by human is a big cause of climate change. I found there is a beautiful relationship between tress, the workers here and the visitors. So, I try to explore the relationship of between them.

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