Side by side, walking forward you see thoughts unfolding.

Rolling by. Words recoiling, distant skies.      Throughout the journey you believe of course.

The constant footsteps. Rustling leaves.      Why should I lead and expect that you will follow?

If by my side. Both we can fly.

Side by side. We could survive.

Tearing fibers of space and time.    Who needs doctors? Quantum rhymes. Dreams dissolving.

Flowing by. Hopes unraveling. Separate skies.  You turn. You look. And where am I

The distant echoes. So long ago he had said good bye.

Junior Dennis is a 33 years old transman.  He born as a woman, but only psychically, in psychologically he was always a man. His family always tried to make him understand that he should act and think like a girl, but he decided to run away from his family at the age of 14. Later he did a surgery and now he lives like a man.