My father died when I was a new born baby so my mother started to work for livelihood. My grandmother decided to become my mother and she raised me up. Now a days we often leave our senior citizen alone, like my family is settled  in Dhaka  and my grandmother stays in my home town. She is near about ninety years old now. Sometimes I feel that I should spend time with her. So through the process of making this story I got to spend some time with her. I found that whenever I photographed her it made her happy. So I have decided to take her photograph every day.

I grew up in a city full of noisy vehicles and people. For my everyday life I hardly encounter the nature. But my grandmother is someone for whom her own backyard, the village alleyways and the river are synonymous to her sense of belonging.

My grandmother comes from earlier generation where people use to live together in joint family. They used to born and die among the close ones. Now time has changed and the cultural practice has shifted to accommodate the modern fast paced life. My grandmother is someone who witnessed this transition. So, her this situation, however lonely it seems to me must be more acute in her own experience.

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