The grey wave

Chang Sui and Zen zui Shi get marraid near about 55 years ago and they comes from earlier generation where people use to live together in joint family. They used to born and die among the close ones. Now time has changed and the cultural practice has shifted to accommodate the modern fast paced life. Now a days we often leave our senior citizen alone. China is a country where population is ageing more rapidly than almost any country in recent history. According to united states China’s dependecny ratio for retirees could rise as high as 44% by 2050. The dependency ratio compares the difference between those not in the labor force with those who are working , or can work full-time. At the same time this old aged peoples need more care and concentration but because of the need of livelihood often childreans are fail to live with them and are not able do the required takeing care of them. Chang Sui and Zen zui Shi are those whose are witnessed this transition. They are living a place named Elderly apartment colony, Jiang an district, Kunming. This place is mostly for old age people and there thousands of elderly people are currently living there. Most of them are living their alone or only with their parner. Sometimes their childs come to visit them also. The river named Pan Long Jiang river is the heart of the colony. people go to the river side everyday to play cards with each other or just to spend time . Like the love birds Chang Sui and Zen zui Shi everybody living here just by being together.

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